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Here at Advantage we bring to market innovative products from all around the world. We focus on bringing in new designs, higher quality, better performing, and cost efficient interior products. Advantage aims to provide more options to architects, designers, and owners.

While we pride ourselves on our products, relationships and service is what we want to be known for at the end of the day. We love working with our clients to find the perfect products that fit their needs.

From initial concepting to final installation we pride ourselves on the ability to see your job needs through from start to finish and encourage client involvement to ensure that they receive the best product and service possible.

ADVANTAGE has been called on to collaborate with some of the best designers and architects to ensure that each project is designed, built, and installed using the best materials and process's with precision and integrity.


As the market leader in interior workplace products, Advantage Interiors Supply believes it is more important than ever to ensure a healthier green environment for tomorrow. A growing trend in today’s commercial interiors has a strong focus on LEED and Sustainability goals.

We can help with: Recycling Programs, High Recycled Content products, Regional Products, Rapidly Renewable Materials, Products that Optimize Energy Performance.

Ask us how our products and solutions can help you achieve these goals




OWA stands for customized ceiling systems, ceiling tiles and substructures. Founded in 1948 OWA has been producing and selling suspended ceilings for over 70 years.

Lindner Logo.png

Lindner Group has over 50 years experience producing interior and exterior metal ceilings, partitions, raised floors, and acoustical products. Lindner manufacturers architectural products worldwide and is based out of Arnstorf, Germany


Fräsch! was founded with a vision to create sustainable, beautiful, and yet functional products that can dramatically reduce unwanted noise and elevate the acoustical properties and comfort of any space. Fräsch! delivers on this vision with a wide range of standard and custom products formed from eco-friendly recycled sources to form their PET felt and Premium Felt Products. The company boasts an array of products that range from Acoustical Ceilings, Acoustical Walls, Acoustical Dividers, and even Acoustically integrated LED Lighting products.


Astyl is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of metal architectural panels, which with more than thirty years of experience in the manufacture of metal products. The architectural applications of Astyl's products are numerous, among which the facades, soffits, pergolas, cladding, railings, railings, lattices, among others. Astyl combines cutting-edge technology with the highest quality. Metals such as aluminum, galvanized steel, corten steel, stainless steel and copper are available for different types of coatings and applications.


Madrid has been crafting unique curved wood products since 1977. Natural wood artfully crafted for innovative design. Madrid creates unique three-dimensional wood elements for walls and ceilings. Attractive and versatile designs complement your décor and provide sound reflection or absorption. Specialized in curved plywood; linear, open cell and grille wood patterns; ceiling tiles; and wood reflectors and deflectors. Choose from off-the-shelf designs or custom, one-of-a-kind creations for your next project. 

Soffit Systems Logo.JPG

“Ceilings reimagined”. Yes, it’s their tagline but it truly exemplifies what they do. Soffit Systems takes pride in excellent reputations, honed over a decade of experience in providing innovative ceiling solutions across North America. Soffit Systems takes seemingly impossible features and turns them into standardized and systematized solutions that are easy to manufacture and install. The goal is to keep products as simple and efficient as possible. This focus positions Soffit with industry-leading lead times, making jobsite headaches and frustrating delays a thing of the past.

CBI Logo yellow.jpg

CBI Europe has produced technological and innovative systems for a complete interior that ranges from Ceilings, Demountable Walls and Raised Access Floors.

CBI Europe’s systems differ from traditional systems, by giving value to lightness, endurance, speed of installation, functionality, security, flexibility and comfort. Each product is made from a high percentage of recycled material and helps obtain points for LEED Certification points.

tetrix_hero (1).jpg
Soundseal Sound Quality Logo.JPG

Sound Quality® by Sound Seal is a leading manufacturer of commercial and architectural acoustic noise control products and offers a wide product selection to the soundproofing industry. Sound Seal has been committed to controlling noise in every environment since 1978. With over 40 years of noise expertise, Sound Seal can offer the technical support and know how to solve any noise problem. Standard options include various squares and rectangles, their in house CNC capabilities allow them to push the limits of creativity with custom shapes and sizes of Panels, Clouds, Baffles and more including custom printing.


Cooledge exploits the full potential of their technology to fuse light and acoustics with architecture itself. By supplanting bulbs and fixtures with fully luminous, and acoustical surfaces, Cooledge various systems allow the design industry to rethink common spaces as highly customizable and dynamic environments – where illumination is the primary influencer on how we feel, work, shop and interact. Backed by proprietary technologies, award-winning products and thousands of installations, their vision is to give light a new role in the built environment; integral to design, unhindered by staid infrastructure and essential to our experience of space

Cooledge Lighting Systems4.jpg

RealAcoustix is the industry leader in acoustic product design, testing and manufacturing. Our name says it all, RealAcoustix is real acoustics. Placing an emphasis on products that actually do what we say they will do with testing and data to back it up, RealAcoustix also provides the highest quality materials in its construction of acoustic treatments.


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