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We believe being "responsible" means doing what is right in regards to our environment and our community. It means supporting local and diverse businesses to promote growth in our community and caring for the environment. It also means incorporating social and environmental priorities and practices into our practices into our products and relationship with customers, vendors, and employees. Each day we learn more and work to apply these practices to improve our company, our product and our environment. As we continue towards becoming a better company with our partners we emphasize these 2 qualities

At Advantage Interiors Supply we don't just supply top quality products for interiors.

In fact we go 3 steps beyond that by offering:


For Advantage Interiors Supply, safety is one of the greatest concerns. As a distributor, we want to make sure that our products are being installed in the safest possible manor. We value the trust that architects, installers, and owners have in our products. With our products being installed on construction projects we understand how important of a role safety plays and should always be the number one concern of any installer. That is why we offer customizable safety programs and safety training offered for each products we carry. Customized safety programs can be tailored to specific projects and requirements as well. Contact us to find out more information


We understand the importance of supporting our community, especially local and diverse businesses. It is our policy to actively see the involvement of Small, Minority, SMWBE, and local businesses. Advantage Interiors Supply aims to award a minimum of 15% of our contracts to diversified and/or local businesses. Many projects from time to time will have Diversity Programs in place which require a minimum level of HUB or WBE participation and Advantage Interiors Supply can help you contribute to this. We are 100% HUB and WBE Certified.


As the market leader in interior workplace products, we believe it is more important than ever to ensure a healthier green environment for tomorrow. A growing trend in today’s commercial interiors has a strong focus on LEED and sustainability goals. The majority of our products are recyclable and made with recycled materials. As a distributor, we are consistently looking for products that are sustainable and responsibly made.

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